Introducing Sam: The Wanderer in the Background

From time to time on Wee Wanders you may notice a cumbersome apparition in the background of photos over on Instagram eating, drinking, drying themselves, looking perplexed, trying to avoid the camera etc.  It is therefore perhaps relevant that I contribute a few words to this operation, as I am in some ways involved in it. Deciding that teachers’ holidays were not nearly ample enough, I decided to join Lisa on her quest around Southeast Asia.  I love this part of the world for a number of Read more [...]

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Where to Stay in Bangkok – A Review of Suk 11

My expectations of Suk 11 were perhaps too high upon arriving.  I had read a few reviews of the hotel situated in the Sukhumvit area of Bangkok, raving about the building, the staff, the location, and most importantly, the types of people that choose to stay there. I arrived at the start of Soi 11 off Sukhumvit Road near the point of exhaustion after a long and somewhat arduous arrival in Bangkok.  I couldn’t wait to rest my wee head and get settled into the Bangkok way of life. From the Read more [...]

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Day 1 of Backpacking: Arriving in Bangkok

I arrived at Glasgow Central train station accompanied by my nearest and dearest in preparation to begin my journey to Bangkok.  After a few tearful goodbyes, I made my way to the platform only to discover that my train to Manchester had been cancelled and I would have to get several subsequent connecting trains instead. After an overnight stay at an airport hotel near Manchester airport, a flight to Doha (conveniently sat behind the family from hell) a few hours of gorging on coffee and cake Read more [...]

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Travelling to Thailand: Backpacking Preparation

Unbelievably, it’s now less than one week before I’ll be wandering around the streets of Bangkok, hopefully feasting on street food and resting my weary tootsies. As ever, I still have a fairly lengthy to do list, supported by several other scraps of paper, post-it notes and illegible scribblings on my person relating to my backpacking preparations. Selfishly I thought I would try to organise this collection of thoughts into one coherent format: a blog post!  I hope you find my backpacking Read more [...]

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A Cake, a Concert and Cocktails in Glasgow

Sometimes the most unexpected days are the ones that I enjoy the most.  A few weekends ago I managed to squeeze quite a lot into 24 hours in Glasgow and enjoyed the day so much, that I thought I would share it with you! Cake in my Face I do love a good cake.  In fact, I can easily make my way though a pack of Mr Kipling’s finest delights within a matter of minutes and don’t even get me started on sticky toffee pudding...words can’t even describe my fondness for that beautifully bronzed Read more [...]

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7 Silly Things I’ll Miss About Scotland

Seeing as it is only a few weeks before I set off travelling around Southeast Asia, I paused to consider a few of the less obvious things that I would miss about my dear home, Scotland. The Patter “It’s pure baltic!”, “let’s go get some scran” and “haud yer wheesht” are amongst some of my favourites. Scottish “patter” or slang is like music to my ears, particularly in Glasgow.  I never get tired of throwing the odd “glaikit” or “dreich” into conversation to Read more [...]

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Travelling to Thailand…The Countdown Begins

I thought it was about time that I give you a wee update on my wanders. It’s now only one month until I touchdown in Bangkok. Am I prepared? No. Am I worried about the current political situation in Thailand? A little. Am I still going? ABSOLUTELY! With just over a month until I arrive in Bangkok, travelling is fast becoming a reality and I have realised that I haven’t made many/any plans for my travels. Although I haven’t formed anything too concrete, I do have a very rough plan for my Read more [...]

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Glasgow’s Braw Burgers

Some things are good, others are amazing; a few are “braw”.   According to urban dictionary, “braw” is an “unintelligible, yet somehow mysteriously compelling, Scots word for grand, fine, super, etc.” The inaugural post in the Hungry Wanders series brought you Andalucian delicacies from the white washed village of Jimena de la Frontera. The next in the series comes from my very own hometown of Glasgow and introduces you to its braw burgers. When you think of Glasgow you would be forgiven Read more [...]

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Travel Inspiration From Top Travel Bloggers

At the start of 2014, I knew that enough was enough and it was time for me to make a few changes in my life, in an effort to be “deliberately happy”. By now, you probably realise that one of these changes was to pack up and set off to travel the world and with planning comes research. Bearing in mind that I studied law and worked in politics, research is part of my make-up and although I would love to be more spontaneous, throwing caution to the wind and turning my back on Google (gasp), I doubt Read more [...]

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10 Things To Do in Abu Dhabi…That I Enjoyed

My trip to Abu Dhabi marked my first visit to the United Arab Emirates and the Middle East.  I really wasn’t quite sure what to expect, and I tried not to form any sort of expectations, which is near impossible for someone with a very overactive imagination.  So every time “Arabian Nights” from Aladdin popped into my head, I quickly popped it back out and looked forward to arriving in Abu Dhabi. I left Glasgow, Scotland at around 4.00pm on a cold, grey, dreich day.  I arrived in Schipol Read more [...]

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